August 12, 2021

Signing of contract on containers for the Cellular Networks Deployable (ZNV) system

The contract for the development and manufacture of the containers for the Cellular Networks Deployable (Zellulare Netze Verlegefähig, ZNV) system between DREHTAINER and the main contractor Motorola Solutions Germany was signed in May 2021. The ZNV systems are part of the Digitalisation of Land-Based Operations (Digitalisierung landbasierter Operationen, D-LBO) programme and thus an important element in modernising the mobile supply of information in action. DREHTAINER will deliver the shielded containers for the system as part of its contract.

During the signing of the contract, Jens Schlüter, Head of Sales and Marketing at DREHTAINER, emphasised the importance of this project for all those involved: “This project is an important milestone on the road towards digitalisation for the Bundeswehr. We are pleased that we, too, can make a key contribution to this with our containers and our expertise.”

As part of the digitalisation of land-based operations and to ensure quick communication in various areas of application, the Bundeswehr is procuring deployable networks (Zellulare Netze Verlegefähig, ZNV), which are available in two versions. In the first version, the system components are integrated into ISO containers (ZNV C); in the second version, the system components are integrated into operational, shipping and storage containers (ZNV B).

DREHTAINER is developing and producing two different container types per ZNV C system. The system container accommodates a separate server room and an engineering room alongside a working area for two people. The storage container is divided into a storeroom and engineering room and is used to store the necessary (communication) equipment. A total of 20 systems will be purchased with an option for 20 more and, following ani ntensive design and testing phase from the 4th quarter 2022, gradually delivered to the forces.


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