Protection makes the difference

The experience gathered from our work for armed forces in the most varied activities in conflict regions worldwide also finds its way into our products for civilian authorities and customers from industry. Hereby, the protective properties of our solutions are matched individually to the nature of the threat, and the applicable standards. For the personnel employed in them, these ballistic and blast-resistant buildings serve e.g. as workplace, accommodation, and protected refuge.

image: Meuser Architekten GmbH

Protected buildings

Based on the experience from the implementation of protective measures for military customers worldwide, we also offer container-based protected solutions for civilian customers. A wide range of customised solutions can be realised – from single containers up to multi-story buildings.

Protection is
our strength

We always develop and manufacture ballistic and blast-resistant solutions based on the applicable standards – whether industrial or military, such as STANAG 2280 and STANAG 4569. Also requirements for radiation shielding or CBRN protection can be implemented for civilian applications.

Special solutions

In addition to protected installations, we also offer special solutions for many different requirements. For example, this includes different working environments such as laboratories or workshops, special transport containers, or lifting equipment.


Special applications require special workrooms. We offer solutions for the most varied application areas: From office and server containers to fully equipped workshops, and up to cleanroom laboratories for marine use.


For special transported goods, whether particularly sensitive or with unusual dimensions, we offer the development and production of customised containers. For example, we have already built transport containers for aircraft components as well as satellites.


In order to handle transport containers, corresponding lifting equipment such as spreaders or traverse beams are required. Also here, DREHTAINER offers suitable products – whether for standard containers or special versions.



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