High security concepts
for military technology

The demanding deployment of the German Bundeswehr and other armed forces in Afghanistan, Mali, and other locations worldwide require professional training and optimum security. During the past years, DREHTAINER has set new standards in the field of protected infrastructure. Evaluations, direct field experience, and a comprehensive analysis of the different threat situations have helped to optimise our product range.  The relevant STANAG 2280 and STANAG 4569 standards were taken into account for all new developments, and in a direct comparison they achieve the highest protection levels.


The worldwide deployment of our troops always relies on the infrastructure of field camps. Also within such an infrastructure, the personnel accommodated in the camps is potentially threatened by car bomb attacks as well as direct or indirect fire. Consequently, and based on many years of experience, DREHTAINER has developed a concept that has been proven thousandfold – the modular protected building.


High-tech aircraft – manned or unmanned – require advanced and customised solutions. Functional and command post containers from DREHTAINER offer high mobility and modularity, blast and ballistic protection, plus sophisticated HF shielding – all according to customer requirements


In addition to field camps and command posts, there are numerous other applications that require mobile and protected accommodation. Also here, DREHTAINER offers solutions made to measure.


Protection - whether from ballistic threats or in the shape of HF shielding – is a special feature of our solutions.

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