Protection for nuclear applications

Radioactive waste materials that occur during operation, but primarily when dismantling nuclear installations, must be transported and stored with utmost care and under the highest safety and protective measures. As a manufacturer of special containers, DREHTAINER has taken on the task to serve these special needs of the nuclear industry. 
For more than 20 years, DREHTAINER has been designing, developing, producing, and delivering special equipment or complete project-related solutions. Apart from a wide range of standard container versions, the product portfolio also includes shielded and other special containers as well as lifting equipment.

IP2 hazmat packaging

These dangerous goods containers have been approved by the German BAM Institute, and are available in different versions. All versions are fitted with lashing points on the inner side walls (OHT/BOX) or on the floor (OAC), pockets for handling with forklift trucks, and a stainless steel floor pan (OHT/BOX). Additional special features as well as the number and location of the lashing points can be planned individually.

The Open Hard Top version is fitted with a rugged, removable container roof for loading/unloading with a crane. For simplified handling, the crossbeam over the door can be swung outwards.


Open Hard Top

On the Open All Container it is possible to slide the side walls and roof longitudinally, enabling the container to be loaded/unloaded with a crane or forklift truck.
This container version is particularly suitable where head space or the crane's lifting height is limited.


Open All Container

Box containers are simple 1CC containers with double swing doors, stainless steel floor pan, and lashing points on the side walls. Same as the OHT and OAC versions, Box containers are fitted with forklift pockets.


Box Container


All applications are designed and produced according tocustomer specifications and the conditions of the Nuclear SafetyStandards Commission (KTA). The fulfilment of specific customer requestsand the development of unusual solutions by a creative and highly motivatedteam, coupled with extensive experience, make DREHTAINER a reliable partner.

Special containers & shielding

In addition to transport and shielded packaging for oversize elements such as e.g. reactor pressure vessels, DREHTAINER also produces transport and storage containers for control rods and other highly radioactive components. Depending on requirements, wall thicknesses between 4 and 350 mm are possible. Unit weights up to 165 tons have been achieved in the past.

Lifting gears & special solutions

Apart from ISO and special containers, the corresponding handling equipment is part of our product range for the nuclear industry. Whether 20-foot spreader, three-arm grippers for MOSAIK casks, or lifting/tipping devices for CASTOR casks – DREHTAINER designs and produces the matching equipment. We also develop unusual solutions, e.g. for handling and transporting oversize components when dismantling nuclear installations.


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