Protection &

Hereby, the aspect of protection has always been a central issue for our work. It stands for the protection of military installations, but also symbolically for the responsible implementation of relevant standards for industrial and nuclear technology.
Because of continuously changing and intensifying threat situations worldwide, we feel a particular responsibility for protecting the persons working or living in our containers.  Therefore, our task for the future consists in consistent further development and continuing increase of our expertise in the field of protection.


Whether the threat is ballistic, e.g. from 107 and 122 mm rockets, or involves blast from mines and improvised explosive devices, we have acquired an unrivalled expertise during the past years that is based on the relevant international standards STANAG 2280 and 4569 as well as other branch-specific regulations.
Our containers have proved their reliability in countless tests as well as direct rocket hits in the country of deployment.


Because of their particular purpose, command posts and similar container-based installations place special demands in terms of protection. Apart from protecting against ballistic and blast threats, shielding plays a decisive role, because: Even the best and technically most elaborate system is useless, if data signals can be intercepted or jammed from outside.
As an expert in the field of radiation protection, DREHTAINER offers customised and future-oriented solutions for complex requirements.


Other protective aspects are also taken into account during our structural implementation. These include e.g. CBRN, working, environmental, and weather protection as well as other customer or branch-specific protection specifications.



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