Highly protected concepts for defence technology.


DREHTAINER has been setting standards in the field of protected infrastructure over the past decades. Testing, direct experience from deployment and comprehensive analyses of different threat situations have enabled us to optimise our product portfolio. All developments have taken into account the relevant STANAG 2280 and STANAG 4569 standards and achieve the highest protection levels in a direct comparison.


The digitalisation of the armed forces across all dimensions foresees the container as the foundation for the integration of the necessary systems. In this case, the containers can be set apart as individual containers or used in combination for the construction of buildings.

The highly mobile deployment scenario, in contrast, requires a container that can be deployed as a stand-alone unit. Rapid installation, protection and signature reduction are of critical importance.

State-of-the-art aircraft such as the F-35 - whether manned or unmanned - require advanced and customised solutions. Functional and command post containers manufactured by DREHTAINER offer high mobility and modularity, as well as sophisticated high-frequency shielding effectiveness in particular - all tailored to customer requirements. Our solutions are already being used for the F-35 in NATO, for example.


The worldwide engagements undertaken by our armies are fundamentally based on the infrastructure of operating bases. The personnel housed there are also vulnerable to attacks with car bombs, but above all to direct or indirect fire, even within such an infrastructure. Drawing on its wealth of experience, DREHTAINER has developed a concept for this purpose that has been implemented and proven thousands of times over - the modular, protected building.


In addition to operating base camps and command posts, there are many different applications requiring mobile and protected accommodation. DREHTAINER also offers the tailor-made solution in this case.